Wrexham Counsellor Kim explores the difficulties around talking about our feelings. Part 1.

I often hear from clients that they feel unable or unwilling to show or express to their family/friends how they are really feeling other than perhaps superficially.  It is as if our emotions are like an iceberg-they are able to show what there is above the water but not the much bigger feelings below the waterline.  Our emotions can be scary.  They can feel overwhelming, unfamiliar, confusing and conflicting.  Perhaps some of us are unable to put a name to an emotion, not knowing what it is? Perhaps others spend more time in their head with their thoughts than they do with their feelings?  I also hear a lot of uncertainty around whether what they do feel is “correct”.  Sometimes clients don’t want to talk about their feelings because talking about them is admitting to themselves that they are there, they exist and perhaps need to dealt with in some way.  Perhaps it feels easier to squash down our feelings and pretend they are not there?  However feelings will often demand to be felt and the pushing down doesn’t always work.  Being authentic to ourselves and to others (to share what is really going on) is also scary-what will the responses be from others (?) and it raises issues of vulnerability and trust. Counselling can provide a secure environment in which any and all feelings can be explored non-judgmentally and without criticism.  Contact Kim for more details.

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