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To work better rest more!

The to-do list is never ending…


Your inbox never seems to get empty…


Despite time saving gadgets we feel time poor…


Although there are policies around work-life balance, we are constantly switched-on, answering emails in our personal time and on holidays.


When was the last time you used your lunch break for lunch and a break from work?


We seem to be increasingly busy, and with that our opportunity for rest and recuperation during the working day-coffee breaks and meal breaks-is being squeezed out as more of us are working through our breaks.  I think it is acknowledged that we are living in a society which is a lot more stressed and anxious, and the research demonstrates that diagnosed cases of anxiety and depression are increasing.


I believe that the way we are living our lives is negatively impacting on our mental and physical health and well-being, and I see this both personally and professionally.  I wonder why we wear being busy and/or stressed as a badge of honour?  It almost feels competitive to me.  However when we are overly stressed and anxious we are unable to perform to the best of our ability and potential.


Perhaps we need to rethink being busy and balance that against Self-care, and one way to do this might be to take that 15 minute coffee break you are legally entitled to and to get away from the desk to enjoy it.  Creating this space mentally allows for greater creativity and thinking outside of the box.  To work better rest more!