The first session, like all sessions, usually lasts 50 minutes and is an opportunity for us to meet and to decide if we could work together. There is no obligation for you to continue to work with me!

We can discuss a bit more about what counselling is and how it works as well as talk through your concern/s. I will provide you with a written "contract" which states housekeeping type items such as how to contact me as well as things about Confidentiality (see below) and my Continuing Professional Development.


Counselling provides a safe, secure and (mostly) confidential environment for you to talk about your concerns in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance.  There are limits to the confidentiality that I or any counsellor can offer some of which are laid down here and outlined in the BACP guidelines on confidentiality:

  • Money laundering
  • Drug trafficking
  • Where there is risk of harm to yourself or others (which includes issues related to child protection)
  • Under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (2005)
  • If I am subpoenaed or summoned as a witness in a Court of Law

I would initially speak to you about my concerns and then may speak to the relevant parties with (hopefully) your consent.