How we work is up to you and what feels most comfortable, for example we could start in a Person-Centred way and then continue in a more problem-solving way. It is flexible and guided by you.

Whichever approach you choose, counselling is about talking about our feelings, thoughts and behaviours to gain personal insight.  I offer face-to-face meetings at a choice of two venues or can offer telephone sessions; I am also willing to discuss the use of Skype/Zoom if you would like to work in that method.

Walking Talking Therapy

This is a new service that is being offered by Kim, however the ideas behind Walking and Talking Therapy are grounded in solid scientific research. If you are interested in this method of therapy delivery, please contact Kim for further information.

Walking and Talking Therapy takes place outside in open green spaces that are familiar to Kim. Wherever possible, she will suggest walking in places with benches, toilets and formal footpaths. Since this is an outside therapy, it stands to reason that appropriate footwear and clothing will be required by you and that if the weather turns inclement the session will still go ahead outside. Usually the first one or two sessions take place indoors before moving to the great outdoors.

Clearly you may have some concerns including confidentiality whilst walking; all of your concerns can be discussed in the sessions prior to moving outside.

Creative Approaches in Therapy

Talking therapy has a long and established evidence base. Other approaches to therapy such as Art, Drama, and Hypnotherapy are also well supported in research. I work in a creative way, blending the Person-Centred approach to talking therapy with elements of CBT and Mindfulness. If something a little more creative was desirable for you, I can also offer Shamanic approaches to self-discovery.

Just as Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy utilise getting into a gentle trance state through either meditation or verbal suggestion, the Shamanic approach uses voice or drumming to act as the vehicle to reaching the trance state in a Shamanic Journey. You are in complete control whilst you are meditating (journeying) with the things that you see and hear arising from your unconscious. Shamanic journeying is a fantastic way to by-pass the "thinking brain" and to access your inner resources arising from your own unconscious. What you experience on the journey we will discuss and find your own personal meaning and symbolism and this can help you move forward. It is possible for me to journey for you.

In shamanism the belief is that illness, including mental and physical is the result of a loss of part of the self, and therefore retrieving that lost part leads to wholeness and wellness. This type of journeying is called Soul Retrieval. I would journey for you to retrieve the part that is missing, and this is particularly useful for traumatic experiences and chronic pain. The Medicine Wheel is a fantastic way of gaining clarity around particular difficulties. We would ask ourselves questions around the difficulty which are specific to each of the directions (e.g. North, South, East, West). The shamanic approach recognises that life is made up of cycles and each direction therefore has particular symbolism and meaning. By asking questions to the different directions, it creates a multi-layered understanding of where you are and how to move forward. Ancestral Work can be useful for identifying where patterns of behaviour or pain have originated, and these ancestral lines maybe healed.

Just as in Mindfulness meditation, I present journeying and shamanic approaches in a secular way regardless of the spiritual or religious orientation that you may or may not hold. For Journeying and Soul Retrieval, you would need to be able to lay down on the floor or sit in a chair for 15-30 minutes (depending upon the time that we agree). For the Medicine Wheel, you would need to be able to change your position to face each of the directions from the centre of a circle. I am very happy to discuss any element of the above.