What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the deliberate intention to pay attention to our thoughts, feelings and sensations in the present moment without judgement or criticism.  Although its origins are within Buddhism, Mindfulness is not a religion and it is not a passive, hippy, tree-hugging or fluffy way to escape our difficulties.  It is a challenging practice involving an exploration of ourselves- since it is only with awareness that we can choose how to respond to situations rather than react with knee-jerk or habitual responses.

There is a huge amount of scientific research supporting the use of Mindfulness in pain, anxiety, and depression relapse (among others) and is suitable for all ages.

Mindfulness and meditation can help you to feel happier, calmer, have more clarity and reduce stress, pain and improve your wellbeing.

I am an accredited Breathworks Mindfulness teacher (listed with the British Association for Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA https://bamba.org.uk/). I am able to offer Mindfulness within personal therapy, if requested, either running alongside our counselling work or as stand-alone sessions.

Breathworks 8 week Mindfulness Courses. I am happy to offer two different courses:

Mindfulness for Health (for chronic pain and long-term health conditions).

Mindfulness for Stress (for stress, anxiety and those interested a solid Mindfulness training).

Either course may be offered in a group format or 1-to-1.  Please contact me for current costs.

Mindfulness for Health is a course for those with chronic pain and long-term health conditions. We explore primary and secondary sources of suffering, and learn that we have the potential to reduce the secondary suffering through mindfulness and thereby turn down the pain volume.

We also look at acceptance, pacing and how to set baselines in activity to avoid cycles of boom and bust. Participants regularly report reductions in their pain medications on this course.

The next Mindfulness for Health group course TBA, however one-to-one sessions are always available.

Mindfulness for Stress is for those with stress and/or anxiety.  We explore how our thoughts affect our mood and body and how we can manage them. We also explore how to move out of our heads into our sensory experience to reduce stress and anxiety.  The importance of kindness and self-compassion to our total health and well-being is explored and we start moving towards acceptance of difficult experiences.

The next Mindfulness for Stress course TBA, however one-to-one sessions are always available.

  • Please contact me for further details or to secure your place with a deposit.  I am sorry that I am only able to accept you onto the course if you have pre-booked.

Both courses include Mindful Movements, which are very gentle and based on Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga and Pilates.

We also explore simple neuroscience and physiology that underpin some of the concepts we discuss.


Day Retreat

After the completion of any 8 week course, there will be an optional day retreat (held locally, of 4-5 hours).  Any previous Breathworks course participants can join us for meditation, to chat about how our practice is going, any challenges we may be experiencing.  There is a mix of experiential Mindfulness exercises, meditation and Mindful Movements.  It's very relaxed and informal and we usually share a lunch, as this is held on a weekend day.


Monthly meditation Group

This group is open to anyone, whether you are an experienced meditator, or not.  Attendance at an 8 week course is not necessary to be able to join us, nor is it an expectation.

We meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm at  Maesgwyn Community Centre, Lilac Way, Wrexham, LL11 2BB: opposite Glyndwr University, and NOT Maesgwyn Hall on Mold Road!).

We shall revert to ZOOM if the situation deems this to be necessary.

DATES IN 2021:  September 22; October 27; November 24; no meeting in December.

DATES IN 2022:  January 26; February 23; March 23; April 27; May 25; June 22; July 27; August 24; September 28; October 26; November 23; no meeting in December.  Summer dates are subject to change once my annual leave dates have been formalized.

  • Payments through PayPal or Credit/Debit card can be made through my website.

    Simply click the green arrow icon to be directed.

The evening format usually includes two meditations with or without a Mindful Movement practice. There is space to discuss our practice or whatever arises from meditation,  and refreshments when meeting face to face.

If you have a yoga type mat, cushions and blanket, please bring along as I only have limited supplies, and it might be useful to bring an extra pair of socks!


Face -to-face: £9.50 on the evening or day we are due to meet; or £7.50 when at least 24 hours in advance, and your first session is FREE.

Zoom: £9.50 on the day we are due to meet; or £7.50 when at least 24 hours in advance, and your first session is FREE.

This is a very warm and welcoming group and you would soon feel at your ease.

Liking the sound of trying out Mindfulness and Meditation?

Contact Kim for further details, or to secure your place.  Who knows, it might just change you and your life?!


Kim has delivered a variety of bespoke mindfulness workshops and taster sessions for various organisations, conferences and educational establishments. Please feel able to contact her directly to discuss the needs of your organisation or event.


Coming home to the body - a Mindfulness and Yoga half-day online retreat with Kim in collaboration with yoga teacher, Jane Cullingford. As a local and global community, we have embraced technology to connect and engage with others.  In this slower way of life many of us are finding a tightness and soreness in our bodies and minds. Kim and Jane shared practices that brought us back into harmony with our body, soothed our mind and nervous system and we left  feeling relaxed, calm, looser and freer!  We met on Zoom on Wednesday July 15th for this very successful and well received half-day retreat.

Watch this space for more events in 2021!