Undecided about what to do next? Kim a Wrexham Counsellor offers some tips.

The sun is out, the birds are busy and it feels like spring is here.  Spring is often referred to as a new start..the buds and blossom on trees after the bare winter, flowers in bloom and the activities of bees, wasps and butterflies.  The sunshine can make us feel very positive and believe that anything is possible.   For many people Spring heralds a “new you”, be that loosing weight for the summer or embarking on changing situations which are not good for us.  Very often the uncertainty of what happens next (after I have left my partner/job/home) can keep us stuck in that unpleasant situation, and then you can feel worse because not only are you still in that bad situation, there is also guilt or shame that you didn’t do anything about it.   Regrets around inaction generally last longer than regrets over action taken as they get rationalised away and forgotten.   So how can you know if staying or going is right for you?  Intuition is a big part of knowing if a particular move is right for you.  Look at all the risks and benefits involved in any decision, and perhaps make them into a list.  Talking to a neutral person can offer insights and perspectives you may not have considered, and keeping a diary to track good days and bad days may help provide the evidence you need to make that change.   A counsellor could provide the sounding-board you need for thinking out loud, and appointments are available with Kim.

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