Top tips to reduce the cringe of embarrassment, from Kim, a Wrexham Counsellor.

It has been suggested that embarrassment serves the evolutionary trait of sharing ‘pack values’to ensure survival. However we are not the cave dwelling hunter-gatherers dependent upon the group for survival anymore. So when we do get embarrassed what can we do to lessen the impact it has upon our feelings and self-esteem? Firstly, be kind to yourself…social hiccups happen to us all, they are part of life and so acknowledge that you are not alone. Secondly, the shame and self-consciousness that often accompany embarrassment may also feel uncomfortable. Try exploring those feelings in yourself with kindness, as being curious about them, getting to know them and being able to sit with them can dissolve these feelings. Thirdly, if it is a situation you can prepare for-do so. For example if you need to give a presentation, practice in front of a mirror or with friends, or maybe even hire a voice coach or similar to reduce your anxiety. Don’t let the fear of embarrassment (potential or otherwise) hold you back!

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