Tidy house, tidy mind? Kim a Wrexham Counsellor explores this link.

Our outer world affects our inner world, for instance I find that when my house is messy my thoughts become messy and I feel stressed.  My mother used to say, “a place for everything and everything in its place” which has been a helpful mantra for me.  With everything where I expect it to be I save time as things are easy to locate.  Indeed de-cluttering (tidying away) can reduce housework by 40%!  Just de-cluttering a little bit each day, or 30 mins a week can be helpful.  As you leave a room take that item that doesn’t belong there and put it away.  Deal with paperwork as it comes in or spend a little time the end of each week filing it away.  De-cluttering is mentally uplifting and energising, and that sense of achievement will be an extra postiive boost.  Go on, make some room for what’s important!

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