The power of you, by Wrexham Counsellor, Kim

On our family holiday to France we went to Lyon and discovered the museum of the French Resistance.  French history seems to be about revolution…the small guys banding together to defeat a common foe.  Jean Paulhan, a french writer once wrote:

“You can squeeze a bee in your hand until it suffocates, but it will not suffocate without having stung you.  You may say that is a small matter, and, indeed, it is a small matter.  But if the bee had not stung you, bees would have long ago ceased to exist”.

To me this sums up the power of the “small” person (the bee) against bigger persons or corporations.  We (as a bee in the text above) can often feel powerless and yet even in taking a small and seemingly insignificant act we can have an impact on others-positive or negative.  For instance, for one bee…lets call her Evelyn…her “sting” may be to say “no” to her friend who always borrows and never returns.  Evelyn has subtly altered her relationship with her friend through this one small act.  Many bees can each sign a petition against a governmental agenda (a sting to the government) which can force the action back into the House of Commons to be re-debated.  We may be the bee or the hand squeezing the bee at different times-don’t underestimate your power as a bee!


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