Suffering may appear to be senseless, and maybe by approaching it from a different angle it can bring meaning, suggests Kim a Wrexham-based Counsellor.

Many of us suffer, be it through living with chronic pain or a long-term health condition; living with a mental illness or with emotional distress among others.  For many of us, living this way may make us feel angry and we may question the “why ” in suffering, wondering what it’s purpose is when often it feels like suffering serves no purpose.  Viktor Frankl, in 1959, wrote of his experiences living and surviving Auschwitz Concentration Camp in WWII (the book is called “Man’s Search for Meaning”).  His words are very moving, inspiring and strangely also  inspiring and hopeful.  Frankl writes that to live is to suffer, and to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.  In other words, if there is a purpose in life and living there must also be a purpose in suffering and dying.  This echoes with Nietzshe who claims, “he who has a WHY to live can bear with almost any HOW”.  We may be suffering, maybe how we can help ourselves is by finding a meaning and purpose to keep living rather than existing?  Counselling with Kim may help you in your search.

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