Use meditation to de-stress in 2016 in Wrexham.

2013_1017_104203AAcrop        Meditation drop-in class returns after the Christmas break!

WHY?  Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood-pressure, improve concentration, make you feel happier, calmer and more content.  It is used in chronic pain and long-term health conditions to reduce symptoms and prevents depression relapse.

WHERE AND WHEN? Join us in Gresford Memorial Hall on Wednesday 27th Jan at 7pm.  It doean’t matter if you are a new or experienced meditator you will be most welcome to share in our practice and support.

WHAT DO I WEAR? Wear warm loose comfortable clothing and perhaps an extra pair of socks to keep toes warm if you are taking your shoes off.  Meditations performed sitting on the floor, on a chair or laying down.

DO I BRING ANYTHING? If you have a yoga-type mat, a cushion and a blanket that would be useful as my supplies are limited.

COST?  To take advantage of the early-bird rate (£7), contact Kim directly.  To turn-up and pay on the night is £9.  This includes 2 meditations and refreshments.


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