Social nudity…? It’s for exhibitionists isn’t it? Debunked: Naturism special series on Mindful Musings week 2.

It’s week two with Kim on Mindful Musings in the special series on naturism, body confidence and life satisfaction!

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Amanda about her thriving social life within British Naturism  (BN this link contains images of nudity) and how Amanda feels that the quality of her friendships within this community are much deeper and more authentic than in other areas of her life.  A fascinating insight into the diverse world of social nudity with British Naturism, and how the removal of clothing seems to strip away perceptions of difference and judgements based on clothing.


This week I’m speaking to British Naturism’s “media guru” , Andrew about some of the more practical aspects of social nudity (Safeguarding, etiquette and where you keep your money on a night out!), how social nudity is commonly (mis-)perceived by those who are outside of the community and the impact of Covid 19 on membership activities.  (You may well have seen Andrew on “This Morning” during lockdown). We also look at the link between improved mental health and well-being with nudity and generally how it can make you feel good about yourself.  Oh, there's some great music to boot!


  1. Mike Underwood on 18/06/2023 at 20:53

    Glad to find a post from another counsellor on naturism and authentic living. It’s my belief that whatever helps us strip away extraneous layers will help us realise our true purpose and whole process.

    • Kim on 05/07/2023 at 16:24

      Some fascinating research related to improved body confidence and life satisfaction. Something about being (and feeling) embodied perhaps and levelling of individuals as equals as each is without external signs of status..?

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