Self-esteem issues in women, discussed by Wrexham Counsellor Kim.

In working with a client, issues around lack of self-esteem may pop up.  For women, their status is more reliant upon group belonging than it is for  men.   Cant and Young (2014) showed that a woman’s self-worth is more dependent upon her friend’s opinions of her, and that women are more susceptible to group pressure and more highly sensitive to the threat of being rejected, compared to men.  So although women may have deeper friendships than men, women also run the risk of being hurt more easily and need that group reassurance.  For many women however the group can be a competitive environment-who makes the best cakes, who is the slimmest, who is the happiest, whose baby is the most well behaved…the list is endless. We compare ourselves against the others in our group, as they are our source of reference, our benchmark by which we judge ourselves.  Counselling can help you to nurture your own self-esteem, so you are less reliant upon the judgement of others to feel your own worth…contact Kim for details.

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