Reduce stress and be more productive at work: tips from Counsellor Kim in Wrexham.

The Pareto Principle suggests that 20% of your effort produces 80% of the results which means that if we can identify and focus on the tasks that deliver the highest returns on our effort (and reduce those that don’t) then we can be more productive and relaxed at work. Perhaps re-scheduling high-value tasks for when you have most energy in the day and time-block low-value tasks (such as emails) so that they don’t take over your day.  Limiting your time in this way to low-value tasks  may enable you to be more focused on them and maybe achieve more in that time.  At the end of each day identify one task (high value) that would really make a difference if you managed to complete it, and make it your first priority for the next morning, and do it even before checking emails. Staying late at work may be counter-productive as the low-value tasks often gather here.  Ensure you have a fixed time to leave work and stick to it.  Good luck!

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