Radio Ga Ga Ga

Action for Happiness state that one of the ways that we can maintain our mental well-being is to keep learning. My husband complains on a regular basis that I am an eternal student, as since we have met I have been engaged in University courses or other types of learning, and he’s right. I love being a student in a University and I love learning new things through dance classes, reading groups, and dog training. So, alongside my Doctorate I am learning how to be a radio show producer which is really quite funny because you have to have a very good idea of timing, and my skills in the kitchen where timing is also useful are pretty poor! So my family are used to eating burnt things on a regular basis, and I am learning that the radio equivalent of this is either silent air time or missing the beginning of the news. Apologies to any listeners while I am learning about this!

I have discovered that time changes as soon as I enter the radio station at Calon FM. 30 seconds in the real world goes very quickly, but I think there must be some sort of quantum physics time warp going on in the radio studio as 30 seconds seems to last forever. But it is really good fun, and hopefully my mistakes are not too noticeable.

So why am I learning how to produce a radio show? The show I was co-presenting has come to a natural end and I was invited to come up with an idea for my own show which I would not only present but also produce. The show I am piloting soon will be about Psychology, Mental Health and Well-Being as I wish to raise the profile of the importance of mental health and work towards reducing stigma around mental illness, after all there can be no health without mental health. If you would like to be a guest on the show sharing how you maintain your mental well-being or how you manage with a long-term health condition, please drop me an email.