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Professional Doctorate students-Faculty of Social and Political Studies, University of Chester May 2017.  I gave a 20 minute presentation on a systematic review in the use of EMDR (pain protocol) to treat chronic pain where there is no history of psychological trauma.


Postgraduate Research Conference-Faculty of Social and Political Studies, University of Chester March 2017.  I gave a 20 minute presentation on my proposed research around a changing self-concept when living with chronic pain, and how this may impact upon acceptance and/or adjustment to chronic pain.


British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) Research Conference 20th & 21st May 2016.  I gave a 20 minute presentation (with 30 minute question and answer session) on the research I had conducted in my Masters in Clinical Counselling.  I presented: “A systematic review in the use of EMDR to support people with chronic pain”.  It was very well received, generating much discussion.


Chester University Counselling Community, 14th April, 2016.  I presented my research around chronic pain and the similarities with post-traumatic stress disorder.




Letter to BACP Private Practice, October 2015.  I wrote a letter in response to an article explaining why Mindfulness practice is not “spiritual bypassing” but a challenging way to sit with our more difficult/hard emotions such as anger and grief.

Journal article to Therapy Today, June 2016 (vol 27 issue 5)“Chronic pain and the self”.  Discussing how chronic pain affects our self-concept (how we view ourselves) and proposing a model of change which suggests self- acceptance (to a with-pain-self concept) helps us to live more easily and fully with our chronic pain, rather than despite it.  Discusses my pain experiences, and what I have observed in clinical practice. You can view it here:

Professional Opinion requested by Therapy Today journal (July 2016 (vol 27 issue 6 p. 4) on the findings of a piece of research looking at the incidence and prevalence of chronic pain in the UK.