"Don't Feed the Cat" book presentation 'templates' for adults and teachers to use within their classrooms, homes or youth settings.

Part of a series of "template" presentations that parents, teachers and others working with children might find interesting; as a way of introducing the idea of worries/thoughts and how they can make us feel. Based upon the book by Sara J Stevens, Kim uses a Mindfulness-Based approach to exploring the concepts presented as if she were in a classroom with children.  If you would like to invite Kim and Sara to your school or organisation please contact Kim.

A Mindfulness-based approach to exploring worries for Secondary school ages

Based on the “Don’t Feed the Cat ” book by Sara Jay Stevens, this ‘template’ presentation is a useful and informative guide for parents and teachers to discuss the concepts of thoughts running away with themselves and creating bigger anxieties.  This is presented as if a presentation were happening in school with ideas for teachers and parents to add related concepts to expand the learning if required. Find out more about Don't Feed the Cat here! https://www.sarastevens.co.uk/

And see the Sara's Blog about Kim's presentations  here: https://hypnosara.blog/2020/06/20/dont-feed-the-cat-a-mindfulness-approach-by-kim-patel/

  • New Pathways/SURE for Mental Health Interactive Conference-Glyndwr University April 2018.

    I presented three workshops of 45 minutes each, looking at how mindfulness can be used to manage stress as part of a self-care framework; for professionals working with those with mental health difficulties.  The workshops were interactive and were positively received by those new to mindfulness meditation as well as those who are regular practitioners of meditation. 

  • MS Society Conference- Glyndwr University October 29th 2017.

    I presented two hour-long workshops exploring the use of mindfulness to manage stress for those living with MS and for those who live with and care for others with MS.  It was a mixture of theory and practice which generated much discussion and interest. 

  • Professional Doctorate students-Faculty of Social and Political Studies, University of Chester May 2017.

    I gave a 20 minute presentation on a systematic review in the use of EMDR (pain protocol) to treat chronic pain where there is no history of psychological trauma. 

  • Postgraduate Research Conference-Faculty of Social and Political Studies, University of Chester March 2017.

    I gave a 20 minute presentation on my proposed research around a changing self-concept when living with chronic pain, and how this may impact upon acceptance and/or adjustment to chronic pain. 

  • British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) Research Conference 20th & 21st May 2016.

    I gave a 20 minute presentation (with 30 minute question and answer session) on the research I had conducted in my Masters in Clinical Counselling.  I presented: "A systematic review in the use of EMDR to support people with chronic pain".  It was very well received, generating much discussion.

  • Chester University Counselling Community, 14th April, 2016.

    I presented my research around chronic pain and the similarities with post-traumatic stress disorder.