Physical pain and the link between the mind and the body is discussed by Counsellor Kim from Wrexham

Chronic pain is very common in the UK, 50% of the UK population will experience back pain this year and 80% of us will experience back pain in our lifetime (BackCare charity).  The medical profession are aware that all pain is not just physical- pain can be amplified with the interaction of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours and in pain lasting 3 months or more (chronic pain) our brain structure will change as pain receptors become enlarged (meaning we may feel pain more easily).  Medication can help to some extent, as those of you in chronic pain will already know it doesn’t take the pain away completely. Medication cannot change the brain structure back….and changing the brain structure can help to reduce our pain further and may also enable us to be more active as well.  This is why looking at our thoughts and feelings and behaviours is just as important as taking pain killers, perhaps more so.  Counsellor Kim is qualified in pain management (Cardiff University) and together with her counselling skills she can help you begin this life changing journey towards regaining your life.

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