NHS waiting times for counselling vary widely within England. Discussed by Kim, a Wrexham Counsellor.

The coalition of mental health charities and organisations, the We Need To Talk (WNTT) coalition has found that 1 in 10 people seeking therapy/counselling on the NHS are waiting over a year for an assessment; 4 in 10 waited more than three months. Of those waiting over 3 months, 2/3 became more unwell while waiting. There is also huge variation in referrals and waiting times for therapy in England, with some areas reporting 28 days for an assessment and in others, over 90% of referrals were waiting longer. These figures are based on data obtained from 3 different sets of data from Clinical Commissioning Groups, therapists and over 2000 service users in the previous 2 years for WNTT. Unlike the NHS, Private Counsellors are often able to see new clients within a few days or couple of weeks and you can pick the counsellor you want rather than have the next available therapist. Private counsellors will also usually be able to work with you in a non-time limited way unlike the NHS. Your mental health is an investment in you…and you’re worth it. Contact Kim today for more information without obligation.

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