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Wrexham embraces meditation!

Setting up a drop-in meditation group in Gresford, Wrexham  was a leap of faith on my part.  I had no idea who would attend, if anyone, and was clueless about how to advertise the group. Although it was something I wanted to do I realised that I was getting in the way of myself-creating barriers to Continue reading »

Use meditation to de-stress in 2016 in Wrexham.

        Meditation drop-in class returns after the Christmas break! WHY?  Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood-pressure, improve concentration, make you feel happier, calmer and more content.  It is used in chronic pain and long-term health conditions to reduce symptoms and prevents depression relapse. WHERE AND WHEN? Join us in Gresford Memorial Hall Continue reading »

Wrexham’s drop-in meditation group next meets Nov 25th.

The drop-in meditation group has been warmly welcomed in Gresford.  We are a delightful mix of experienced, new and learning meditators from a wide range of back grounds who share a desire to deepen our practice in a supportive and fun environment.  New comers are made welcome, and there is always a cuppa and a Continue reading »

Kim’s singing discussed on BBC Radio Wales!

I sing enthusiastically and am usually dancing with equal enthusiasm too…it’s a bit like strawberries, they have to be served with cream, and with my singing it has to come with dancing!  Now please don’t misunderstand me- I am no Charlotte Church.  My singing is legendary in my family for its awfulness, so why was it Continue reading »