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How to handle you teen! tips from Wrexham counsellor, Kim

Teenagers- urgh! It almost happens overnight…your child once did what is asked of them without question and then they reach puberty…the arguments, the grunting, the slamming of doors begins as  their teen brain becomes flooded with hormones. For the parent everything feels like a battle, and life feels it will never be straight-forward or “easy” again. Continue reading »

Horse logging in Maes-y-Pant- come along! 9th April 9am all day.

Maes-y-Pant is constantly evolving.  The seasons of course bring changes, the volunteers too, greatly contribute to the beauty of this open space for bringing family, friends and dogs to walk and explore the sights, sounds and smell of nature.  And …“on Saturday 9 April, we have horse logging from 9 am and continuing all day. A number of pines Continue reading »

Death Cafe in Gresford a success!

The day before the Death Cafe in Gresford, I received a telephone call from BBC Radio Wales in Wrexham.  They had heard about the Death cafe and were interested in finding out more about it.  Since talking openly about death is the concept behind the Death Cafe, movement my co-host Denise Oliver and I agreed Continue reading »