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On why first impressions count

It has been said, that we form an opinion of someone we have never met before within the first 3 seconds.  Not only do we form a judgement of a stranger in the first 3 seconds, but this judgement is also very hard to shift.  These first impressions are greatly influenced by our non-verbal communication; with Continue reading »

It’s good to be back!

I have not written here for a few weeks, I have been on holiday and I have been on study leave; and I have a wrist and hand injury which prevents me from typing. And yet here I am typing! It seems I am destined to live with a level of chronic pain. I have Continue reading »

On the science of kindness.

Kindness.  Back in the 1980’s kindness would have perhaps been seen as a sign of weakness.  The 80’s was all about the individual, shoulder pads and making money-it was quite aggressive.  In the 20teens kindness and gratitude as acts of wellbeing for ourselves, and towards others, is  popping up in popular culture and the media Continue reading »

Thoughts are not facts.

  In my work as a counsellor and mindfulness teacher I listen carefully to what I am being told.  The details of what I might hear may vary quite significantly,  however there are usually some commonalities in thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Carl Rogers, who developed the Person-Centred Approach to counselling, once wrote:  “what is most Continue reading »

Sleep. Want more?

Sleeping in the recent hot weather has brought with it the conundrum of open velux windows to feel cooler versus the early morning sun waking me up or staying in the dark but being too hot.  Luckily for me this is a time limited difficulty-the British summer time being what it is! And throughout my Continue reading »

Retreat. Just for Buddhists?

This retreat centre has been my home for the last week, with a Triratna Buddhist community.  I am not a Buddhist, however as a Mindfulness teacher and practitioner, the importance of attending retreats for my personal practice and personal and professional development is vital. The silence which is part of the retreat allows deeper connection, Continue reading »

Can we foster resilience?

I don’t know about you, but I have in the past often felt trodden on by others and have had to encourage/force myself to get back up.  Like a plant or grass getting stepped on I spring back (slowly sometimes)…perhaps I look a little different but nevertheless there I am back up again.  And it Continue reading »