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Relationship rough-patch survival.

Rough patches in our relationships are inevitable and can feel very uncomfortable.  Who would not be scared when in examining their relationship they feel that they no longer see eye to eye with their partner, or that they no longer want the same things as their partner?   These situations may not necessarily mean the Continue reading »

Demystifying and managing workplace bullying

When I was a nurse I experienced bullying from a senior colleague which impacted greatly on my self-esteem and confidence both professionally and personally.  She would criticise how I performed certain tasks and procedures, and how I managed my team and colleagues.  Fortunately for me this situation did not last long as the senior nurse Continue reading »

Radio Ga Ga Ga

Action for Happiness state that one of the ways that we can maintain our mental well-being is to keep learning. My husband complains on a regular basis that I am an eternal student, as since we have met I have been engaged in University courses or other types of learning, and he’s right. I love Continue reading »

To love is to risk hurting…

Loving someone or something and being loved back feels amazing.  Love is, after all, about caring and concern for the other person and so to say you love a friend is just as valid as saying you love a dog or cat or even a 4 week old foetus.   My friend had the most Continue reading »

Communicating at Christmas: arrgh!

We’re all getting a bit busier in our pre-Christmas preparations – writing cards, wrapping presents, hoping the postal strike won’t stop our cards from being delivered – and working really hard towards creating a “perfect” Christmas. We often choose to spend the festive period with friends and family and use this as an opportunity to Continue reading »

The power of friendship

They say cliches are called cliches because they’re true. Some cliches around friendship that I have come across state that friends are like the stars, you don’t always have to see them to know they’re there; another one states that true friends can go years without seeing each other and pick up from where they Continue reading »

On why first impressions count

It has been said, that we form an opinion of someone we have never met before within the first 3 seconds.  Not only do we form a judgement of a stranger in the first 3 seconds, but this judgement is also very hard to shift.  These first impressions are greatly influenced by our non-verbal communication; with Continue reading »