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Depression is not a sign of weakness argues Wrexham counsellor, Kim

Depression in its most common form (from stress) most usually happens to those with certain characteristics such as: reliability, moral strength, diligence, strong sense of responsibility and conscience, a tendency to focus on the needs of others before ones own, vulnerability to criticism, sensitivity, self-esteem dependent on the evaluation of others.  These individuals react to Continue reading »

The Stroke Association calls for more psychological support

The emotional impact of a stroke can be as devastating as the physical effects, warms the Stroke Association.  Depression and anxiety are experienced by over half of the 2,700 stroke survivors that were questioned by the Stroke Association.  Relationship difficulties, loss of confidence and anger were also highly reported.  Carers were also identified as experiencing Continue reading »

Counsellor in Wrexham offers stress management tips

Have you noticed those thoughts that keep going round and round your head-“mind chatter”?  Have you noticed that this mind chatter is usually negative?  Have you noticed that the mind chatter does not help you find solutions to your difficulties and may instead create more questions?  Stress management counselling may help you to turn the Continue reading »