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Reality is constructed in the mind… And chronic pain?

We know that our perceptions do not mirror objective, external reality.  Take people with psychosis for example or other neuropsychological conditions-they see things which cannot be perceived by others.  Demonstrating that we can perceive things that really are not there.  The subject of a new book is about whether everyday perception is also just as Continue reading »

Do we need happiness/well-being research?

The news makes for some really depressing viewing, and in the counselling room I hear the personal accounts of people’s distress and sorrow, as well as their frustrations, achievements and hopes.   Evolutionary psychology and neuroscience have demonstrated that human beings have evolved with a negative bias in the way we think.  Without this constant Continue reading »

Reflections upon receptivity

I have been reflecting on the concept of receptivity lately.  For me receptivity is an attitude of openness and trust; rather than striving and achieving.  It is about being open to allow opportunities and experiences to arrive,  rather than the closed attitude that usually accompanies reaching for specific goals and targets, or in maintaining the Continue reading »

The courage to forgive?

The terror attacks of last week shocked the nation, and the effects of this are still reverberating.   However what I have experienced has not been a raise in anger or prejudice or discrimination-but an outpouring of generosity, compassion thankfulness and gratefulness.  Many voices have spoken of London and the nation pulling together to get Continue reading »

What is all this mindfulness stuff I keep hearing about?

We seem to be hearing a lot about mindfulness these days.  And it is being touted as a way to manage everything from depression and anxiety, to chronic pain, and addictions such as alcohol, among others.  We might have even heard of mindfulness being used in schools, prisons or in health care.  Yes, there certainly Continue reading »

Look behind you and celebrate your achievements!

We are constantly looking ahead….our holidays, to the things we have to do next week, to the stuff we have planned even years in advance.  Is it time to look backwards? I was recently looking for a reference that I had used in a piece of writing I had done a year or so ago.  Continue reading »

Relationship rough-patch survival.

Rough patches in our relationships are inevitable and can feel very uncomfortable.  Who would not be scared when in examining their relationship they feel that they no longer see eye to eye with their partner, or that they no longer want the same things as their partner?   These situations may not necessarily mean the Continue reading »

Demystifying and managing workplace bullying

When I was a nurse I experienced bullying from a senior colleague which impacted greatly on my self-esteem and confidence both professionally and personally.  She would criticise how I performed certain tasks and procedures, and how I managed my team and colleagues.  Fortunately for me this situation did not last long as the senior nurse Continue reading »