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A weekend by the sea…

If you know me, either personally, professionally or through reading these posts you will know that I usually attend a one week-long silent retreat each year.   The week long silent retreat, as wonderful as it is, is actually part of my continuing professional development (CPD) as a mindfulness teacher – it’s something I have Continue reading »

A wonderful shamanic retreat in Dorset

This year, 2018, more than any other year in my recent history has been devoted to learning more about myself from a non-Buddhist/mindfulness perspective.  I have been learning about chakras and energy and have started to move my personal and professional lives more outside into nature.   Following the summer of “shit” that was 2017, Continue reading »

ch ch ch changes…

The years 2016 and 2017 were especially hard for me across all aspects of my life (personal, professional and studies).  Change and lots of it.  I’m coming up to the year anniversary of some particularly pertinent events that happened last summer, one of which being my seventh miscarriage.   There is an expression which says Continue reading »

New Year resolutions, vision boards and intentions.

The start of the New Year is usually set with good intentions: to get fit, to lose weight, to start a new hobby.  Before the end of February however, most of us have dropped the New Year’s resolution and only about 8% of us have kept it going beyond February and into spring.  It is Continue reading »

Walk and Talk Counselling-Kim offers a new service

I am proud to announce that I am now offering a new type of counselling delivery-WALKING TALKING THERAPY.   It does what it says on the tin, we walk and we talk and therefore the counselling session is taking place in the open air in green spaces.  There is so much research out there which Continue reading »

Reflections from a silent retreat.

I have recently returned from a week-long, intense, teacher-led silent retreat in the beautiful Suffolk countryside.   As a Breathworks mindfulness teacher, attending retreats like this are of course part of my ongoing personal and professional development.  However these annual silent retreats mean much more to me than just ticking a box to say I Continue reading »

Chronic pain and opioid use-myths and truths.

For those of us living with chronic pain, it is perfectly understandable to attempt to find the cause of the pain so that it can be suitably managed or treated. And alongside this searc h for what is physically wrong, we also have a very strong desire to find the right combination of painkillers to Continue reading »