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Media Appearances

Radio appearances, 2019.

Calon FM –

Mindful Musings. A varied and interesting selection of guests talking about mental health and well-being topics including: domestic abuse and violence, female genital mutilation, postnatal depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mindfulness and many more.  Kim was the anchor for Glyndwr University’s collaboration with Calon FM in exploring hate crime awareness week with journalism students and local experts.

Radio appearances, 2018.

Calon FM –

Kim’s show Mindful Musings explores a wide range of topics around psychology, mental health and well-being.  Kim unpacks research and pop psychology to make it user-friendly and relevant to our everyday lives.  A selection of guests throughout the year talking about a wide range of mental health issues including domestic abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder and suicide.

Radio Appearances, 2017.

Calon FM – Kim’s new show about Psychology, Mental Health and Well-Being – Mindful Musings starts Thursday 3rd March 3pm-4pm and runs weekly. Access the Calon FM website here:  where you can listen again and listen live through the livestream.  You can also download the Calon FM app and listen on the go!

Calon FM – Tuesday’s from January. Producing The Dave Williams Community Show.

BBC Radio Wales – Friday 6th January. The Wynne Evans Show. Spoke about Mindfulness in 30 seconds!

Radio Appearances, 2016.

Calon FM, Wrexham- Every Thursday noon to 1pm on the Diet health and Fitness Show co-hosting with Denise Oliver. Beginning weekly from 5th May 2016 until 15th December 2016.

The diet health and fitness show is a magazine style hour-long radio program on Calon FM.  It is on every Thursday during school term time with a mixture of new and regular guests; they may work or volunteer within the diet, health and fitness local business sector, or have personal experience of particular issues.  We discuss issues related to physical and mental health and well-being, nutrition and fitness in a fun yet informative way.  The subject matter could be anything from aromatherapy to aid with decongestion in coughs and colds to reusable sanitary products; avocado peelers to turmeric face-masks; managing depression to mindfulness for pain management.  Listen in on 105 FM or listen again via the Calon FM website





Calon FM, Wrexham-Thursday 28th April. The Diet, Health and Fitness Show with Denise Oliver.  I am now a weekly presenter on the show, co-hosting with Denise while Tracy Jones is exploring other opportunities.  We spoke about vegetarianism and veganism; my family trips to the Track Day, Lads “n” dads tank day and River Cottage Cookery School.

BBC Radio Wales– Friday 22nd April. The Wynne Evans Show live in Wrexham Queen’s Square.  I led Wynne in a breathing meditation.

BBC Radio Wales– Wednesday 13th April. The Wynne Evans Show.  Spoke about mindfulness and hair disasters from the hairdressers as part of the “Grub Club”!

Calon FM, Wrexham-Thursday 17th March 2016.  The Diet, Health and Fitness Show with Tracy Jones and Denise Oliver.  I spoke about technology use by children and young adults and how levels of empathy and concentration are declining.  I also spoke about “phubbing”, a new word I have found which mixes phone and snubbing to describe the action of someone using a mobile device when they get bored by a face to face interaction.

Calon FM, Wrexham-Thursday 25th February 2016. The Diet, Health and Fitness Show with Tracy Jones and Denise Oliver.  I spoke about the changes in the teenage brain (bio-chemical, hormonal and structurally) and how well the Death Cafe was received and engaged with.

BBC Radio Wales-Wednesday 24th February 2016.  Pre-recorded interview with Denise Oliver at the Death Cafe held in Gresford.  BBC News Website also ran the Death Cafe and it was reported in the Wrexham Leader newspaper.

Calon FM, Wrexham-Thursday 21st January 2016. The Diet Health and Fitness Show with Tracy Jones and Denise Oliver.  I spoke about my “things that make me smile tin”.  Each day I write about one thing which has made me smile that day, and I place it in a beautiful tea tin that my brother gave me.  I use different coloured paper and different colour inks as I will thread them all onto some embroidery thread at the beginning as a garland.

Calon FM, Wrexham-Thursday 14th January 2016. I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie today on her 2pm show where we talked about death and dying and the upcoming Death Cafe.

Radio Appearances, 2015.

BBC Radio Wales- Wednesday 9th December 2015.  I took a phone-in about mindfulness for chronic pain and depression on the Eleri Sion Show.  We discussed what mindfulness is, how I discovered it and how it has improved my chronic pain.  We looked at “autopilot”, managing thoughts and neuroplasticity.

BBC Radio Wales– Wednesday 28th October 2015.  I was one of two panelists taking a tongue-in-cheek look at some news stories on the Eleri Sion Show. We discussed “Country Life’s” 39 things that make the perfect gentleman, the top 10 cities in the world according to  Lonely Planet, rows and anger and the differences between men and women and lastly about making friends through singing and dancing.  Oh and my own singing heard in the Cardiff studio was also up for examination!

Calon FM, Wrexham-Thursday 15th October 2015.  I co-presented the Diet, Health and Fitness Show with Tracy Jones and Denise Oliver.  We talked about a range of subjects Llangollen  food and drink festival, and the Liverpool Gin Festival to miscarriage and stillbirth awareness week.  I discussed how my Mindfulness for Stress Course was going and dog agility success.

Calon FM, Wrexham- Thursday 10th September 2015.  I co-presented with Tracy Jones on the Diet, Health and Fitness Show.  Topics for discussion included making and avoiding eye contact on public transport, local events including my Mindfulness and Meditation courses, the woodland project I am part of: Maes y Pant, and music.

BBC Radio Wales– Wednesday 2nd September 2015.  I was one of two panelists on the Eleri Sion show with a light-hearted look at the news.  We spoke about public toilets, women’s shopping habits, pain and the simulation of childbirth pain on a man and novelty gifts such as “Billy Bass” the singing (plastic) fish.  It gives a very personal connection to Kim and weaves in Mindfulness among the laughs and silliness.

BBC Radio Wales– Wednesday 5th August 2015.  I was on the Jason Mohammed Show for “Advice Wednesday” answering the emotional aspects and considerations of writing a will, and the impact within families when a will is disputed or not written.  A Lawyer specializing Wills managed the legal aspects.

Calon FM, Wrexham-Thursday 4th June 2015.  I was a guest on the Feed Me show with Denise Oliver.  We talked about my journey into Counselling and Mindfulness, via my chronic pain.  We also spoke of the ways in which Person-Centred Counselling is different to CBT and how Person-Centred Counselling works.  I briefly explained some of the content of the two Mindfulness courses I run and how they differ.  Post-traumatic growth was also discussed in my personal and professional experience and also in Denise’s personal experience of Lymes disease.  I was invited to stay on for the Diet, Health and Fitness Show with Tracy Jones and her guest Ben from Integral Patterning in Shrewsbury.  We spoke of UBBL ages and Ben and I did our test on air.  Ben and I talked about T’ai Chi type movements to reduce stress.

Calon FM, Wrexham-Thursday 23rd March 2015.  I co-presented with Tracy Jones on the Diet, Health & Fitness show.  We spoke of some research into Mindfulness-based CBT for preventing depression relapse.  In a discussion around death, end-of-life Douala, and the taboo of talking about death,  I mentioned that I am interested in setting up a Death Cafe.

Calon FM, Wrexham-Thursday 19th March 2015. I spoke about the successes of my Mindfulness for Health course on the Diet, Health and Well-being Show.  Now half way through, course participants are reporting reductions in their pain medications and feeling less stressed.  Spoke about how mindfulness helps to reduce pain and my personal experiences of receiving kindness from strangers.

Calon FM, Wrexham-Thursday 12th February 2015.  I joined the Talking Business Show host, Tracy Jones.  I was interviewed about how and why I became self-employed, the challenges I faced and currently face and future plans and directions I want my business to  move in.

Calon FM, Wrexham-Thursday 29th January 2015. I joined the hosts, Tracy Jones and Denise Oliver on the Diet, Health and well-being Show. I talked about Mindfulness for Health courses and the Health Expo in Hope that I am attending and speaking at tonight.

Radio Appearances, 2014.

BBC Radio Wales– Wednesday 3rd December 2014. I was on the Jason Mohammad Show answering questions from listeners who had phoned in regarding anxiety and depression.

Calon FM, Wrexham-Thursday 20th November 2014. I was interviewed by Diet, Health and Well-being Show host, Tracy Jones, about the health and well-being benefits of dog ownership and agility. We also spoke about dancing and laughter.