Making mistakes can make us more successful, states Kim, a counsellor in Wrexham

Many of us do not like to make mistakes at home, at work or with friends.  Somehow we may feel negatively viewed by others and/or society if we make an error and we may also feel a failure or to blame.  However, this search for perfection in what we do may be holding us back from reaching our full potential as we may avoid risks (big or small) and stick to what we know.  Trying out new ideas, and risking making mistakes can broaden our world and along side these mistakes comes success- look at Richard Branson or Steve Jobs or even Winston Churchill.  We shall look at how to move on from mistakes next time, until then I shall leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Winston Churchill, “Success is the ability to move from disaster to disaster with enthusiasm”.  Go on, stretch yourself and try something new!

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