Long-term effects of bullying are discussed by Wrexham Counsellor, Kim

A joint study by Warwick University and Duke University, North Carolina followed 1,273 children (equal numbers boys and girls) from the age of 9 to 16, and then at 19, 21, 24-26 years.  The researchers looked at health, criminality, alcohol and drug use, sexual and social relationships, education, income, abuse and neglect in childhood, childhood mental illness and family functioning.  It found that bullies, victims and victim-bullies all had worse outcomes across all the measures compared to children who had not been involved in bullying.  They did less well in school; more likely to be poor in adulthood, more likely to have difficulty keeping jobs and more likely to have poor family and social relationships.  If you are a victim of bullying, or a bully, counselling may help you to discuss and explore your fears and concerns, and may break this cycle.  Contact Kim for further information.

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