Kim, a Wrexham Counsellor says being outdoors is good for us!

The nights and mornings are getting lighter and naturally we begin to feel a lot better.  It’s like coming out of hibernation and so we become very busy. The bank holidays beginning with Easter and May make it very tempting to spend a long weekend getting the garden together.  This burst of activity is great for DIY shops and Garden centers, A&E departments (perhaps not surprisingly) see more attendance due to DIY (mis)adventures and “gardener’s back/elbow/wrist/knee”.  Being outside and active is good for us mentally and physically, and so is being outside and having a good look, listen, feel, taste and smell. Maybe there’s something to be said for a balanced approach between rest and activity, creating a beautiful view and admiring and appreciating that view….?  If you care about the natural world, please remember Earth Hour on 29th March.  Sign up at with the World Wildlife Fund at

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