Kim, a Wrexham counsellor, discusses the impact of big life events.

Loosing a parent through death, turning 40, reaching your dream and being underwhelmed….all these events, and more can radically change our lives-they can make us brave.  Our initial response to a big change or challenge is usually fear and the thoughts that, “I can’t do it” or “it’s not going to happen”.  This feeling and those thoughts keep us doing what we’ve always done, it feels safer and more familiar and more certain.  However, nothing in life is a “safe-bet”, life is uncertain and full of change and this can propel us acting as a catalyst for change.  Courage requires a crossroads that presents us with a choice….courage is something you choose, not something you have.  Breaking free from the expectations of others (when a parent dies, maybe) or feeling that time is running out (turning 40 perhaps) can bring a feeling of liberation and confidence with nothing to prove to anyone.  Often conforming to the norms of others is discarded, wardrobes changed and prized possessions are dumped and it may not feel like being brave, it may just feel like being yourself.

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