Kim joins Calon FM as a (more) regular presenter on the Diet, Health & Fitness Show

2016-02-24 12.45.24Kim, a Wrexham-based counsellor and mindfulness teacher has been part of the Diet, Health and Fitness show on Calon FM for 18 months.  Initially I was a guest on this show and then I was invited back (possibly because I had a lot to say about health and wellbeing).  Since then I have been a monthly co-presenter talking about all manner of subjects from death to childbirth, menstruation to “phubbing” and everything inbetween!

The show is usually hosted by Tracy Jones and Denise Oliver, with occasional-regular co-hosts such as Ben Calder and me joining one or other or both of them.  It is a very informal and fun look at life with healthy living in all its forms at the centre of its ethos.  I am pictured above with Denise Oliver (this picture was taken at our Death Cafe in February, 2016) and we shall be new dynamic duo of the diet, health and fitness show until the return of Tracy Jones.

The music choices are eclectic with my love of the 80’s and Indie, and Denise’s more modern influences and classic pop-so really anything goes!  Please join us every Thursday Noon to 1pm for a fun and lively look at trends, information and news about all things diet, health and fitness related!