Kim, a counsellor in Wrexham, talks about the importance of play as an adult.

For women in particular, taking time for themselves or spending money on themselves, is guilt laden. The idea of “me time” comes at the end of the day when all the chores have been completed and all you have the energy for is slumping in front of the TV. Playing builds complex, skilled, responsive, socially adept and flexible brains, useful for work as well as play! Scientists have found that the more we play the bigger the prefrontal cortex (the thinking, attention, decision-making mind) becomes, and we learn more about ourselves. Playing also boosts our mood and sense of wellbeing. “Me time” is therefore essential, and doesn’t have to be knitting, sewing or gardening, it could be a dance class, going on a swing, rolling down a hill-whatever it is, the activity takes you out of your head and into a sense of freedom-enjoy!

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