Kim, a Wrexham counsellor suggests ways we can move forward from mistakes

Looking at the past with regrets keeps us stuck in the past rather than moving forward.  We become so involved in our mistake we assume others are also just as constantly thinking about it too.  The truth is that often we are the only ones thinking about it!  If you can make amends for the mistake, do so and then you will know you have done all you can.  If you have tried to make amends and are still worrying, the only person suffering is you.  Simply ask yourself these questions: Is there any proof that my actions caused a disaster?  You can control your thoughts and choose how to respond to them, are they helpful?  Would you say/do the same again in a similar situation?  What would you do differently?

We tend to make the best decision we can at the time, worry and regrets about making decisions drains our confidence, however mistakes are also great sources for our growth and development.

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