Kim, a Wrexham counsellor on why learning something new can boost our wellbeing.

There has been a long-standing joke in my family that I am an eternal student.  I have completed various qualifications, become a nurse and did extra studies to move into different nursing areas or to be a better nurse in the areas I was working in.  I have re-trained as a counsellor and am a Mindfulness teacher. I and have always sought to move upwards in the educational level I wish to pursue.  So perhaps it is of no surprise that I have now applied for another university course!  I love the creative process of forming sentences and paragraphs, to cut and paste and rearrange sections.  I love the research too, discovering the existence of and  hunting down journals and books.  Most of all I love to read!  The New Economic Foundation (NEF) lists 5 activities which they consider essential to a rounded life or Five Ways To Wellbeing: Connect; Be Active; Take Notice;Give and Keep Learning.  Learning anything can help to raise your self-esteem, increase your confidence and competence, builds relationships and connections with others and be fun.  Gaining new insights about yourself and the topic along the way can be challenging and also broaden your thinking and your world..and may build resilience too!

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