Kim, A Wrexham Counsellor offers that one way to change a (negative/bad) situation is to change ourselves.

When we are unhappy with how things are, we may think about how we can change that situation.  For example if we feel lonely, we may join a club or group to meet new people.  Some situations cannot necessarily be changed in this way, for example when we are living with chronic pain;  a long-term health condition; or cancer which is not responding to treatment.  In these circumstances, when suffering is unavoidable,  we may be challenged to change ourselves- our attitude towards this suffering, to see a meaning within it.  This shift in attitude, an acceptance of it, can help us to live more fully with our suffering.  I have chronic back pain, with my acceptance of it I learnt to work within my bodily limitations rather than go beyond them and I am now physically able to do more and my experience of pain has decreased.  The meaning I attributed to my back pain was that I was doing so much I needed to stop and take care of myself, and the only way I could see that was by my body forcing me to stop, due to pain.  I learnt that in changing myself (my attitude) I changed my world and for the better.  If you too would like to learn how to manage your pain or long-term health condition, make an appointment with Kim-and you may get your life back too!

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