Kim, a Wrexham Counsellor muses over our interactions with others

Walking alone a canal I stopped to watch leaves falling onto the still waters.  The ripples extended outwards and some met other ripples, others rippled off into forever.  Some ripples were distorted by meeting a plant or stick in the canal and an array of tiny waves was created when the wind blew strongly so the ripples couldn’t be seen any more.
leafI then began to ponder that in my interactions with other people ripples are created.  A smile to a stranger sends out positive ripples which that person may pass onto others.  A cross word sends ripples and that negativity can also expand outwards.  Moods are so transferable! So I conducted a little experiment to test this out.  As I was at a dog agility competition so there were many people and the opportunity to observe and participate in many interactions was great.  I noticed that when I smiled and said hello that others were warm and willing to engage in a conversation and somehow others would gravitate towards me which felt wonderful!   Our words and gestures are just like those ripples on the water: without necessarily intending to, we affect those we come into contact with directly and indirectly.

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