Kim, a Wrexham Counsellor asks: Are you getting in your own way?

Elizabeth Gilbert (author of the book “Eat, pray, love”) said of herself in an interview, “I have never had any obsticles in the real world that can compete with the obsticles I’ve thrown up for myself”.  For me, she is talking about how we stop ourselves from achieving, changing, and reaching our full potential by coming up with reasons and excuses.  These reasons and excuses may on the surface be very logical and make sense, however they are also keeping us stuck, they stop and hinder our progress.  “I can’t do that because……” or “if I do that, this will happen” are very common thoughts, and may be some of these obsticles that we place in front of ourselves.  These imagined outcomes are just one of many outcomes for any given scenario and as we can’t ccurately predict the future, maybe there is something in there about just going for it and dealing with whatever comes up as it arrives….? Enjoy the adventure!

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