Kim, a Wrexham-based counsellor, explains how laughter can help us deal with life’s down-turns

Have you ever laughed until tears have run down your face?  Have you ever been with a pal where just a glance at each other sets off the giggles without any known trigger?  Laughing can make us feel happy when perhaps we felt sad, and laughter can ease a tension in a room.  Above all, laughter has the power to make us feel like we belong and share similar thoughts and values.  If is self-affirming.  However laughter can also be a great tool to use when we have negative thoughts.  Humour allows us mental clarity whereas negativity clouds our judgement.  We can draw on the calming effects of laughter at times when we need to think clearly such as during a row or when negativity overwhelms.  It is a useful skill to be able to call upon your funniest memories when emotionally hijacked by negative emotions.  These laughter triggers could be your memories, from TV or film, books, or anywhere.  Keep a few in a safe place for when you need calm, clarity and a sense of belonging!

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