Feeling lonely? Kim a Counsellor in Wrexham offers some tips.

Feeling lonely, whether we have others around us or not, can be very debilitating.  We may feel low, scared, helpless or hopeless.  Meeting new people, especially if we are shy or lack confidence may seem an impossibility…..however there are ways we can improve feelings around being alone with a few simple steps.  Rather than looking ahead to the  future looking at what you haven’t achieved, look at the small things you could do now. For example you may challenge yourself to smile or say “good morning” to someone today, go to a cafe on your own, talk to someone at work- and celebrate those achievements.  Negative thoughts about your situation can lead to more negative thoughts and can seriously lower your mood, notice how you’re thinking and look at whether it’s a valid/realistic line of thought or if you’re thinking of the worst case scenario.  Loneliness is not a failing, it may be where you are for now however it is not here forever.  Kim can help you manage your feelings of loneliness, call, text or email to make an appointment.

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