Feeling giddy as I emerge from hibernation!


Living with persistent pain is tough. Undertaking a doctorate is tough. Living through a pandemic is tough. So with all that going on, why would I also do a 500 hour yoga teacher training?! Believe me, there have been many times when I have questioned my judgement! Actually, doing the yoga teacher training at this time was also a bit of welcome relief taking me outside of persistent pain (in my body and academically with the doctorate) allowing me to meet with others when the world was shut down and of course, I do like to learn!

This was all going so well until my pain flared and I needed more time (and less personal demands) to complete the doctorate. I also decided to reassess my professional workload meaning my business was deliberately shrunk. I knew this would be short-term and trusted that the work would be there once I re-emerged into the world.

So here I am! I have submitted my doctorate (awaiting viva) and am excited to be able to say 'yes' once more to work opportunities. In rebuilding my business, it means that I can assess and evaluate what worked for me before I became a hermit, what I want to keep, and what I want to let go of. I can now re-create and grow my business in new directions, and of course I now have yoga as an additional thread in my business alongside mindfulness and meditation and of course counselling, just awaiting confirmation of passing all the required elements for the additional 300 hours (to make me a 500CYT).

Working with persistent pain and long-term health conditions has been a core component of my counselling and mindfulness work and so it is therefore no surprise that this is the direction I wish to take my compassionate yoga classes too. Last Friday, I was invited to speak to yoga teachers undergoing their advanced teacher training with the Uplifted Yoga training school I studied with. I have noticed that the yoga world is quite clued up about physical injuries within class but there is no mention of persistent pain or long-term health conditions. My presentation therefore went into some of the changes that happen in persistent pain and persisting health conditions within the nervous system and brain. The presentation was so well received and the students were so engaged and interested that I have been on a high ever since!

Watch this space for more exciting developments and offerings…

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