Exciting special series of Radio conversations: NATURISM!!

Calon studio 1

On my weekly radio show: Mindful Musings, on Calon FM (Thursdays 3pm - 4pm) I like to talk about all things that are mental health and well-being related.  If you are a regular listener to the show, you will know that watching Channel 4’s Naked Beach series really sparked my interest about the relationship between body confidence and nudity.  As a counsellor who may work with individuals with body confidence challenges, this series was also professionally very interesting.  The social psychologist who was involved with this TV series, Dr Keon West has written extensively about the links between nudity, life satisfaction, self-esteem and well-being. And I have discussed his work on the show.


I thought it would be fascinating to speak to people who regularly practice social nudity and to explore its impact upon their well-being and happiness.  In this series of interviews, every Thursday in July at 3 PM-4 PM, I speak to people who are fairly local to Wrexham and North Wales, as well as someone living a little further afield about their experiences of how British Naturism and social nudity enhances their lives.

I am indebted to British Naturism for their help in making this series happen and to a Wrexham-based member of the organisation who provided lots of useful information in the lead up to this series.  I do hope you enjoy this series!

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