Everything changes but you? Kim, a Wrexham Counsellor, offers her thoughts.

2015-07-04 21.10.20A walk along a river in the Lake District recently led me to this amazing rock.  One half is white and clearly worn into smooth grooves by the water, and the other half was more grey with rougher grooves and algae/weed growing on its surface.  I often see clients who feel that nothing can ever change for them and yet everything is changing all the time.  From birth we grow in height and weight, our skin ages and we develop lines, our hair turns grey and some of us may get thinner “on top”.  We see those “big changes” as they are obvious over time, but the smaller changes we don’t necessarily pay much attention to such as: loosing eye lashes, daily hair loss and shedding skin cells. Some changes happen inside us and we are oblivious to them such as cells being replaced. Physically we are constantly being remodeled, and so it is in the physical world too.  Erosion and corrosion over time smooth out the words in the headstones in church yards up and down the UK, plants grow between cracks in paving slabs, Ivy clings to walls causing the bricks to bow, the seasons see changes with plants, trees and shrubs.  Everything is changing all the time; and what of our inner selves, our personality, our attitudes and beliefs? I witness those changes too on a daily basis in the work I do.  I see individuals shift from being “stuck” to taking action, from feeling hopeless to noticing they have choices, from resistance to acceptance.  How amazing to know that as Tony Merry (a Person-Centred Counsellor and writer) states that we are “constantly in progress”.  Nothing remains unchanged-what a wonderful thing that is to hear-it gives hope that anything is possible!

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