Despite social networking helping us stay connected, many people are lonely. Kim, a Wrexham Counsellor, explores this.

Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites mean that we are constantly in contact and contactable.  And yet the University of Sheffield discovered that over the last 30 years, feelings of loneliness have risen from an average of 18.7% to 26.2%.  The Mental Health Foundation (2010) describe loneliness in Britain as reaching epidemic proportions.  One explanation for this apparent paradox is that  we are spending too much time on these sites rather than connecting with our friends and family face-to-face.  During a face-to-face interaction the feel good hormone Oxytocin is released, and research has shown that the only other type of contact with others that releases this hormone is Skype.  It suggests that seeing and hearing another person makes us feel good.  If you are feeling lonely, Kim can help you to explore those issues and find a way forward.

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