Counsellor in Wrexham, Kim looks at anxiety in the workplace and sources of help.

We all experience anxious thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Usually this is self-limiting and doesn’t cause any long-term or short-term problems or difficulties. However an anxiety disorder may exist where there are, over time, excessive and prolonged feelings of panic (with symptoms including heart palpitations, breathing quickly and sweaty palms) dread, thinking that you are going to die/something bad will happen, feeling out of control, being highly emotional. Anxiety and stress in the workplace have increased by 24% in the last 5 years. Employers want to keep their anxious employees in work and working does appear to have some benefits compared to those that are unemployed and suffering anxiety. However employees also have a duty to ensure that their working environment and practices are fair and equitable. Your employer can/may also support you in accessing counselling through the workplace or privately, or perhaps even a Mindfulness practitioner. For further information, please contact Kim.

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