“What is this counselling lark?” Counsellor Kim in Wrexham explains.

Counselling is one of those things that is really difficult to describe, maybe it needs to be experienced to be understood?  Have you ever tried to describe what it feels like to swim, or the taste of your cup of tea?  The English language almost seems to let us down, it does not contain the vocabulary.  Counselling is another one of those things, and for some, the perception is that counselling is a bit “hippy” or “new age”, because the words used to describe it are quite fluid or ambiguous.  For others counselling could be perceived as something quite systematic because of the words used in describing it such as “cognition” or “assessment”. Mary Fenwick is quoted as saying, “being able to name accurately what’s going on is a necessary part of changing it” and that for me is what counselling does and is.  For more information contact Kim.

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