Counselling in Wrexham, Chester and Surrounding Areas

What is Counselling?

What is counselling?

Talking about our feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviours allows us to gain personal insight and self-awareness. After all, from awareness comes choice.

I work in a very creative and fluid way, guided by what you want or feel you need, and from what emerges in the moment. I blend the person-centred approach (which is concerned with primarily emotions and feelings) with compassion-focused therapy, coaching skills and mindfulness (Buddhist psychology) with elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). You can, of course, choose to work in one particular way or in this blended approach - it's totally up to you. Whatever feels most comfortable might change and so the whole process is guided entirely by you. I may also offer insights from other areas I am knowledgeable within (e.g. nutrition, movement, pain science) or recommend specific books.

During a counselling or pain management counselling session I will listen to your concerns and ask questions. These questions may help you to clarify your thoughts and feelings or help you to identify what might be holding you back or what may help you move forward and set goals. I do not restrict the number of counselling sessions available to you, which means you can choose when and how frequently you want to attend. It may be a challenging and empowering experience, and there may be a little homework to do between our meetings.

We can meet face to face at a choice of two venues in either Farndon near Chester, or Wrexham - or we can walk together outdoors in green spaces. Alternatively, for those who prefer to work remotely, you might prefer the telephone or Zoom.

Walking and Talking Therapy

Walking and Talking Therapy takes place outside in open green spaces that I am familiar with. Wherever possible, I would suggest we walk together in places with benches, toilets and formal footpaths. Since this is an outside therapy, it stands to reason that appropriate footwear and clothing will be required by you and that if the weather turns inclement, the session will still go ahead outside or revert to telephone or Zoom at your choice. Usually, the first one or two sessions take place indoors or through Zoom before moving to the great outdoors.

I have offered this service since 2004 and the ideas behind Walking and Talking Therapy are grounded in solid scientific research.

Clearly, you may have some concerns, including confidentiality, whilst walking. All of your concerns can be discussed in the sessions prior to moving outside.

You may wonder what issues or conditions I can help alleviate through counselling. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Trauma counselling
  • Miscarriage
  • Grief counselling
  • Generic counselling
  • Abuse counselling
  • Eating disorder counselling
  • Suicidal thoughts and self harm counselling
  • OCD counselling
  • Depression counselling
  • Sexuality counselling
  • Mental health counselling
  • Counselling for teenagers
  • Anxiety counselling
  • Post natal depression
  • Anger and/or stress management counselling
  • Pain management counselling


What is pain management counselling?

I may take a more directive stance in pain management counselling which will include goal setting, sharing the latest pain science understandings and helping you to identify and make little tweaks in your daily life to improve your quality of life, increase your mobility and enjoy activity. These sessions are completely bespoke to you and your needs/wants.

Since Pain management counselling is completely bespoke to you, I do not put any restrictions on the number of sessions available, or dictate how frequently we meet, because everybody is different and works in a different way. At some point in our work together, we will discuss the most up-to-date pain science because I believe (and the research shows) that understanding of the role of the brain and nervous system in your persistent pain or long-term health condition is empowering and hopeful. You may choose to work towards a specific goal and we will almost certainly discuss how to pace your activity and why it's crucial to being able to do more over time. Gentle movement might be a part of our sessions (e.g., mindful movement, gentle yoga or belly dance).

Why go private or see an independent counsellor like me?

It is true that counselling is sometimes available free of charge in some GP surgeries or through some charities. These organisations may have a long waiting list as the counsellor may only be available a day or two each week. I am available to work with more flexibility, offering some appointment times outside of office hours, and without a waiting list I am ready to work with you when you are ready.

The number of counselling sessions an individual may have in the NHS, Employee Assistant Programmes or through charities is often time limited to say, six or eight sessions. Choosing an independent counsellor puts you in the driving seat and our sessions are not restricted by number or frequency.

As an independent counsellor, I am more accessible and can be contacted through email, text and phone to make, cancel and rearrange appointments. Furthermore, I work with you either face to face, walk and talk, or online – whichever suits you.


Great, let's get started!

I need help to self-manage and understand my persistent pain and/or continuing health condition. Click here for one-to-one bespoke pain management courses, one-to-one Breathworks Mindfulness (Health) 8 week course, or for one-to-one Breathworks Mindfulness (Stress) 8 week course.

Yes please!

I feel I need to talk through my concerns and difficulties. Click here for counselling/coaching offered face-to-face, on zoom, telephone or walk and talk therapy.

Where do I sign up?!

I want to learn how to use Mindfulness and Meditation to bring peace and balance to my hectic life and busy mind! Click here for the monthly Breathe, Move and Meditate Group and learn breathwork techniques and Mindful Movements, or for one-to-one Breathworks Mindfulness (Stress) 8 week course.

I'm in!

I yearn to understand and know myself better through Mindful Movement and Compassionate Yoga. I want to learn a mind-body approach to soothe and nourish my frazzled nervous system and to gently increase my mobility, strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Click here for one-to-one bespoke Compassionate Yoga sessions and group classes.

I need something but I don't know what!

Maybe you like the sound of several threads to
enhance your life? Maybe you're not sure which way to turn to best meet your needs? No worries! I've got you.

Why not have it all with a bespoke 60 minute session?  Seamlessly link Compassionate Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness into one blissful hour. Learn Mindfulness and Meditation to complement and amplify your Counselling.

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