Compassionate Yoga Classes


What is Compassionate Yoga?

Movement affects our mood and emotions. Compassionate Yoga can be integrated into your counselling sessions, or bespoke mindfulness and meditation sessions. The style of yoga offered is Therapeutic Viniyoga, Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa.  It is the way I teach yoga and encourage you to treat your body which is ‘compassionate’. There is no pushing or pulling to strain into a particular form. We will treat our bodies kindly using helpful aids and adaptions (e.g., yoga blocks, cushions, blankets and yoga straps) ) to allow the pose to meet you so that you can be fully embodied and aware during the class rather than feeling pain, strain or judging yourself against others. The sessions are not for you if you want to do instagram sexy yoga!  These classes promote safety of your joints and anatomy because each body is different and is made differently.  You will leave feeling very different to how you started and, over time, you will have increased your range of movement, mobility, strength and flexibility so you can get back to doing what you used to love, or enjoy doing what you do for longer.

My Compassionate Yoga classes promote safety of your joints and anatomy and are open to all levels. The class can be built around what you feel you need and might include breathwork (Pranayama) and meditation. These one to one bespoke sessions also make an excellent stand-alone if you are yoga-curious, have a particular health need or concern, or wish to work on a particular form/shape/asana, or prefer to avoid groups.


Why not have a private one to one yoga session?

Private yoga sessions are a great way to begin yoga, perhaps you want to learn some basics before joining a class or have a health concern or need.  Or perhaps you are a yoga teacher wishing to develop your own practice?

Private sessions are totally bespoke, tailored to your identified wants and needs so you can achieve the maximum benefit possible for you. You will receive your individual session plan with detailed instructions for you to practice at home.  It may be a one-off session or perhaps you would prefer to meet fortnightly or monthly (or whatever works for you) to work progressively towards your goals. Sessions typically include movement, breathwork, meditation and relaxation with the particular mix guided by you.

Sessions can take place live on Zoom or in person at the Aptitude Health and Fitness studio in Farndon, near Chester CH3 6QP. The initial session lasts 75-90 minutes to include time to talk through your needs and health concerns over a cuppa. This may also include an assessment of your posture and range of movement. Thereafter, sessions last 75 minutes. There is usually a 30-45 minute yoga practice (the postures or asanas) with breathwork and meditation/relaxation to close.

You can ask questions at any time throughout the sessions and, with your consent, there will be hands-on assistance within the postures or asanas. I present yoga, mindfulness and meditation in a secular way and am very happy to delve deeper with you into their spiritual underpinnings if you wish. Please book in a free 15 minute chat if you are unsure about anything!

Weekly Yoga Classes in Wrexham

Weekly Yoga classes are held Tuesdays at 7.30pm for an hour, at The Pilates Centre on the first floor Bryn Estyn Business Centre, Bryn Estyn Lane. LL13 9TY.  There is no disabled access to this floor unfortunately. To secure your place, please book directly with the venue here.

Workshops and Day Retreats
Have you considered hosting a well-being day in your workplace or organisation? Yoga, mindfulness and meditation are accessible to all bodies.  Please contact me directly to discuss the needs of your organisation or event.

Compassionate Yoga. Online & In-Person across North Wales and Chester