Are you aware of the side effects of antidepressants? Counsellor in Wrexham, Kim explores.

Do not mis-understand me, I am not against the use of antidepressant medication, I have personally found their use very helpful in my past. My experience with this type of medication was one of experiencing undesirable side effects, and now it seems I was not alone. The staggering finding from a New Zealand study of 1,829 people who felt positively towards antidepressant medication (82% said these drugs helped alleviate their depression) suggests that while the side effects of weight gain and nausea are well documented, interpersonal side-effects are not. More than half of the sample reported 8 out of the 20 adverse effects including feeling emotionally numb (60%), sexual difficulties (62%), caring less about others (39%), reduction in positive feelings (42%). Withdrawal effects were experienced by 55%. These psychological and interpersonal effects are surprisingly common and are largely ignored or denied, claim the researchers. Counselling is just as effective in managing depression as medication, speak to Kim for further details.

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