Autumnal musings and the Vitamin D and mood connection from Kim, a Wrexham counsellor

The British summer has ended and officially Autumn began the 23rd September.  The evenings are getting shorter and the blackberries are not as abundant: but don’t despair, although the summer may be over we still get beautiful fresh sunny spells!  If you want to improve your mood, lower your blood pressure and relieve depression throughout the year, not just in the summer, your body needs to absorb Vitamin D through the skin via sunshine.  Of all the seasons, Autumn is my favourite.  Brisk walks where my cheeks sting and eyes water…dewy spider webs and leaves turning all the colours of flames…I love the stillness to those mornings where there can be a mist on the ground or frost underfoot and the sun can still warm me to the bones.  Enjoy the colours and sounds of Autumn and keep that vitamin D topped up!

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