Stress is a normal part of life and not all stress is negative- think about the stress or adrenaline rush of playing well in a match or performing well in another way. So, up to a point, stress can aid us to achieve more. Beyond that optimal point however, our confidence dips and our ability to perform declines. Stress is negative and positive. Positive stress is when we feel excited, nervous, under pressure, feeling like you’re being tested or pushed to your limits. Negative stress is when we feel like there is no way out, it is a disaster, you don’t know where to start and there is too much to do it is impossible. If negative stress builds it may turn into thoughts and feelings like:

  • There’s no way out
  • My life is a disaster
  • I can’t cope any more
  • Even simple tasks takes forever to do
  • I can’t concentrate.

This is really hard to get out of and so our performance declines even further. However, YOU have the power to control your stress and your reactions to it which is where counselling may help. If you can identify what factors are contributing to your stress, strategies to better manage it will arise.

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